Nerf Gun Wall

My three year old LOVES Nerf Guns… There, I said it, those who want to judge can leave now…. I know, I know, he’s young but he has older sisters and friends who introduced him and he is HOOKED!

In any case, those who have or have cared for kids with an affinity to Nerf guns know that the dart situation is a serious one! Very quickly we went from one gun, to it seems like 20+ including 4 types of ammo, safety glasses, masks, vests, the list goes on!

Initially, I purchased this Nerf Elite Blaster Rack from Amazon which works great! But quickly after Christmas and his birthday, we have outgrown this storage.

So naturally as we outgrew our current set up, I set out to find a larger-scale solution and I found one! Take a look at our new Nerf Gun Wall, complete with backlighting!

There are a bunch of tutorials that are much more thorough than I am going to be, I honestly just didn’t remember to take pictures but it is very simple, peg board and spacers drilled into the wall, then add the hooks and baskets that attach to the peg board. We decided to add some LED Strip Lighting from Amazon and literally everything else is from Home Depot.

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