DIY Mirror Vases

I decorated an elegant but simple engagement party for a dear friend of mine this past weekend. I was on the hunt for an affordable, small simple centerpiece that fit the space and the couple and I found it!

Many have done this and documented it on Pinterest, I am sharing here how I did it just in case it would be helpful for any of you.

I started at one of my favorite stores for a good DIY… The Dollar Tree! These square mirrors are actually candle holders or candle bases, I guess?

First, I removed the foam “feet” from mirrors. Then, to attach mirrors to each other, I decided to use a squared dowel I got at Hobby Lobby, I believe. I cut those down to about an inch shorter than mirrors, four per centerpiece. Next, I started hot gluing!

Once complete, don’t forget to Windex to remove all the fingerprints! To set up this “vase” I added a small plastic cup inside with water and fresh flowers! Easy peasy!

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