Final Fiesta-Themed Bachelorette Party

My sister and I were stumped when it came to planning the little details of my cousin’s out on the town type bachelorette party. So we took it down to basics, sometimes all you need for inspiration is a cocktail! In this case, we asked the bride-to-be what she wanted to drink that evening and she said… TEQUILA! A Final Fiesta Theme was born!

Of course, with tequila comes margaritas and these adorable personalized margarita glasses were a must.

Who could possibly do without a rhinestoned Tequila bottle? Not I! And of course personalized shot glasses so that no matter what you were drinking, you didn’t forget your name!

We rounded out the event with a Mexican buffet which covered us for dinner and then again for round two after the shenanigans out on the town… a win-win!

What’s your favorite kind of bachelorette bash? Out on the town craziness or stay in and play drinking games? We did a little of both for this celebration.

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