Put those Kids to Work!

It was a long time coming; it was finally time to put these kids to work! With the oldest being 11 and only living in our house part-time there were some obvious concerns with putting chores in place. Was it fair to make her “work” when she should be enjoying her time with us and her sisters part-time? Obviously her chores would only be done the days she was in our home, so what could you really assign? Need I even mention the evil stepmother concept?

Ultimately, hubby and I decided that what was best for all of our girls was to be treated equally. Just because K was only with us part-time didn’t mean she didn’t need to help out. Easiest way to approach this change in our day to day was to put some hard and fast expectations out there. Included in this, of course was the 3 year old. So I got to work on a list of age-appropriate “chores” for both kids and our Chore Charts were born!

After tons of internet searching… I put together these magnetic chore charts; they live on the side of the refrigerator and each day they start them anew and completion of these chores ultimately means they can have screen time that evening (Movies, TV, iPad). Obviously homework comes first, then chores then screen/play time and some nights, not everything gets done but it’s the order in which things happen. Most of the time, it works.

I loved the concept I saw on another bloggers post (so sorry I can’t remember which) that called these tasks the “ways I contribute to my family”. Loved this concept! We all contribute to our family and these charts show the kids’ contributions.

Do your little ones have chores?

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